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  • Mon - Sun
    7:00PM to 10:30PM
    Offer Valid on Food (A la Catre) Only

  • Mon - Sun
    12:00PM to 3:00PM
    Offer Valid on Food (A la Carte) Only

Restaurant Details.

361/5, Hotel Shriman, Opposite Pune Central Mall, Bund Garden Road, Pune
Cost for 2 people. : Rs.1400/-

Restaurant Brief.

Little Italy pioneered the romance that is associated with Italian cuisine in India. We started our journey from Pune as La Pizzeria at a time when very few people in India knew the taste & authenticity of this cuisine. Neither Penne, Fuseli, Spaghetti were commonly heard of nor were they available at stores in India.

La Pizzeria was more like a traditional pizza house at the beginning with a limited offering of Pastas & other items. As the popularity and demand increased we slowly started adding up other items, such as Daily specials - pastas, soups & salads along with our existing menu. La Pizzeria became a huge hit with locals and foreigners alike. It became a preferred dining destination for people of Pune.

Little Italy offers down-to-earth Italian food. The menu includes a variety of antipasti or starters, soups, salads, pastas and pizzas. There is also a small Tex Mex selection and some nice desserts. The Insalata Dei Monte Iblei (a salad of green beans, sun-dried tomatoes, spring onions and basil with a dressing of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar) is extremely tasty and definitely a must try. The Cheese Nachos are scrumptious; the gooey, melted yellow cheese is just perfect. Some excellent Italian pizzas here include Freestate (with a mixture of cheeses and olives), Mediterranean (with olives, artichokes and oregano) and Sicilia (with sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and garlic marinated in chilli oil).